Audacious CTD


We aim to build low-cost CTD sensors to allow for mass-deployment of these sensors and measure the fundamental physical properties of seawater: conductivity, temperature and depth. These measurements can tell us about so many things in the ocean. The conductivity and the temperature are used to compute the density of the water, which is directly correlated with the acoustic properties of the medium. Furthermore, we can better measure the changes that are taking place in the ocean due to climate change and elucidate their impact on the marine ecosystem. Today, it is very difficult to measure CTD with reasonable temporal and spatial resolution because the CTD in the market are quite expensive, and we hope that our CTD can enable mass-deployment without much cost to really get to map out the physical properties of the seawater with much higher spatial resolution.

In June 2019, four CTDs were taken on LEX-NG vessel in Alaska for testing.

Team: Charlene Xia, JunSu Jang